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2019 - Share and Grow Seminar Series

For 2019 - T&T Budokai will be embarking on a "Share and Grow the Arts" series of Seminars and will be open to Everyone - these will cover:

Shito Ryu Karate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Koryu Bujutsu (Japanese Jujitsu and swordmanship) Modern Self Defense series

All seminars will be done by very qualified experts in the respective arts. Don't miss the opportunity in 2019 to LEARN and GROW your skills

We start things in January 2019, with Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt - Dave Mark, one of the instructors at Joslins MMA. A top Canadian Martial Arts Academy.

Don't miss out !!!

Contact 280-1500 for more info.

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